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Save the Dates:
Day 1: October 15, 2020 - 11:00 am (MST)
Day 2: October 20, 2020 - 11:00 am (MST)
Day 3: October 22, 2020 - 11:00 am (MST)

The training schedule and workbook will be released prior to the first training day.
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What You Will Learn
Is your website stuck in the 90's? Or is your online presence scaring new supporters off? Did the way you deliver programs changed due to COVID and your website needs more than a facelift?

Then you are at the right place! 😊
This is a unique hands-on training for non-profit organizations that are planning to launch a new website or upgrade their existing one. In this training we will give you the strategy on how to plan your online presence and execute implementation. So you can avoid costly mistakes and overwhelm.

No matter if you are going to DIY or hire a professional, this 3-day training program will give you the clarity, confident and our step-by-step framework you need to move forward and become an authority in the online space. 

Day 1: Website Strategy 

  • Gain clarity and set the right foundation for your online presence
  • ​Learn our proven strategic framework that every non-profit needs to apply now to succeed after COVID19
  • Three costly mistakes when planning your website and how to avoid them
Day 2: Your Message

  • Learn about the #1 shift every non-profit needs to apply right now in order to stand out online 
  • What your audience really wants to hear from you and how you can emotionally connect with donors, volunteers and clients  
  • Create your unique key message using our "unicorn branding formula" 
Day 3: Step-by-Step Plan

  • Learn how to use our step-by-step blueprint to plan and launch your website without getting stuck or feeling overwhelmed
  • ​Learn how to create a system and make your social media and website work together as 24/7 ambassador for your cause

Is this training for you?

No, it's NOT for you... 

  • ​If your organization is NOT a Non-Profit
  • ​If you want a cookie-cutter website that does not reflect who you are
  • ​If you don't want to grow your non-profit brand
  • ​If you don't want to increase fundraising
  • If you don't want to stand out in your community
  • ​If you don't want to attract more people for your cause

Yes, it's for you... 

  • ​If you represent a non-profit organization
  • ​​If you are planning to (re)launch your organization's website
  • ​If you need clarity and a proven step-by-step blueprint
  • If you want to attract more donors to support your cause
  •  ​If you want to stand out in your community and use your website as a 24/7 ambassador for your cause
Kerstin Heuer
Non-Profit Brand Strategist
Who is bringing the training to you?
Hi there, I am Kerstin Heuer,  co-founder of Non-Profit Today and creator of “Brand to Impact”, the branding program for small non-profits. Since 2008, my partner Dirk and I have used the trifecta of branding, marketing, and design to help nonprofits communicate the heart of their organization, connect with their audiences, and achieve their missions. 
With over 25 years of industry experience and lessons learned from work on 500+ non-profit projects, I work with NPOs around the globe to make sure they have a clear message and the traction they need to connect with the right people. 
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